WatchGang Subscription – Month #1


  • The Good

    - Easy Signup
    - Ultra Fast Shipping
    - Excellent value for the subscription fee

  • The bad

    - No invite a friend / referral system (Yet!)

So a few weeks ago i came across a web advertisement for a subscription service called WatchGang.
The subscription service provides you with a new watch each month. Also the value of the watch is stated to always be above the subscription price you are paying.

There are 3 Tiers:
1. Original – $29 / watch – Watches are worth $50 – $150
2. Black – $99 / watch – Watches are worth $150 – $500
3. Platinum – $299 / watch – Watches worth $500 – $1,500

Signup Day 2018 – I began by browsing the website and selecting sign up.
Next they have you select watch images of the watch styles you like.
You can customize these features more in detail later after signing up.
Next i chose the $29 tier and finished the sign up.

3 Days later, 2018 – I recieved an email from WatchGang stating that my watch has shipped.
They also provided a tracking number. I was pleasantly surprised that they use FedEx to ship the watch and that the estimated time of arrival was 2 days from now. The watches ship from Ontario, California, USA so for a watch to reach me in Ontario, Canada in 2 days crossing the boarder was very impressive.

2 Days later, 2018 – I came home to find FedEx had just dropped the package off at my door.
I took the package inside and began the unboxing. Photos are attached!

Watch Details – So the watch they sent me was this. The NXS Torstein Men’s Sport Watch
MSRP – $469.50 USD
Best Online Price – $261.14 USD – Link

Details on the watch:
-Bold Hour Markers
-Nice colour scheme (Black / Orange)
-Miyota 2315 Japanese Quartz Movement
-Stainless Steel Case, Textured Silicone Strap, Mineral Crystal
-Shows Hour, Minute, Second and Date
-Watch has a heavy feel but is very comfortable on the wrist